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Development and Process:

    With professional technical capabilities and R&D advantages, YENTEK provides customers with customized solutions for various types special-purpose motherboards and complete computer products:

40 working days to complete customization of motherboard products

10 working days to complete the customization of structural products.


    Flexible ODM design process guided by customer needs:

Demand Management

Select Appropriate Key Components

Software and Hardware Development.

Design Review

Cost, Testing, and Production Design

Prototype Development

■ Testing philosophy and benchmark testing design

Reliability, confirmation, and customer acceptance testing

Quality planning and management run through the entire process of batch production, ensuring the maturity of products produced in batches.


Customized Services

■ Motherboard Customization

    In addition to providing standard size embedded motherboard products such as 3.5-inch, EPIC, 5.25-inch, PC/104, Mini ITX, ATX, Q-seven, etc., we also provide non-standard boards customization services.

Customized services for single boards include:

* Customized functional combination, board type, interface

* Customized CMOS/BIOS settings

* Customized accessories and peripheral equipment pre-installation

* Customized embedded operating system (Operating System Installation)

* Customized environment and EMC testing, etc


Computer Customization

    Provide customized services for computer and system solutions.

Computer customization services include

* Computer Structural Customization

* System Assembly

* CMOS/BIOS  Customized CMOS/BIOS settings

* Operating System Installation

* Complete System Testing

* Customized Environment and EMC Testing

* Certification Tools

* Customized Packaging



Value Added Services:

Technical Training

    YENTEK has accumulated rich technical and product experience in the application field of the industrial computer industry. Adhering to the concept of "open sharing, win-win cooperation", it is willing to engage in technical exchanges and share wisdom with the industry, and work together to promote computer applications and information technology, promoting social production and the progress of human civilization. Therefore, we provide users with necessary technical support and training services.

Driver Development

    YENTEK has its own software development team that can provide multi platform drivers for standard products such as Windows, Linux, and Android. It can also help customers complete multi platform porting and debugging of peripheral products such as LCD screens, PCIE modules, infrared touch screens, and buttons.

System Support

    YENTEK technical team can help users quickly complete the optimization installation, startup time optimization, driver and application level debugging of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Android, as well as various application function optimization required by industry users.


Application Program Development

    Based on a comprehensive development environment and excellent R&D team, YENTEK can quickly respond to customer needs, completing development based on standard SDK, standard Linux API, ubuntu image interface development based on GTK+, QT, and customer specified open source GUI.